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17 Reasons Why I’ve Been A Member Of Food Blogger Pro For Over 3 Years!

Food Blogger Pro Membership is opening for 7 days only!!

Food Blogger Pro Enrollment

Note: this post contains affiliate links which means if you buy the product I get a small commission (at no extra cost to you).

My 7 year old son asked me the other day ‘Who do you know who’s a blogger, mummy? Who was it who made you want to become a blogger?’.

I love it when the conversation turns to cooking/blogging/photos, rather those other bizarre questions that 7-year-olds like to test their parents with – like: ‘mummy, what is your seventh favourite cartoon that isn’t from the olden days?’.

Anyway, my immediate answer was Bjork and Lindsay from Food Blogger Pro and Pinch of Yum.

I’ve been reading Lindsay’s blog, Pinch of Yum, for years, and I love not only her recipes and photography, but also her story, and the journey she’s taken from being a teacher, to becoming a full-time blogger, along with her husband, Bjork (and also forming a Pinch of Yum team).

I was an avid reader of their income reports (which inspired me to write my own), and within 4 months of leaving my old job behind to make a go of this blogging thing’, I’d joined the Food Blogger Pro Membership site. I’ve signed up to other courses and forums since then, but Food Blogger Pro is the only one I’ve stuck to. And even though Chris and I are now full-time bloggers, earning a pretty good income, I still learn from Lindsay and Bjork today.

Food Blogger Pro has set enrollment periods, opening up 2 or 3 times a year. And……

Enrollment has opened TODAY – for 7 days only.

If you’re a blogger, or you’d like to become a blogger, this is the number one resource (outside of Living the Blog of course 🤓) that I recommend to help you on your way to becoming a full time blogger.

Here’s why:

Food Blogger Pro Enrollment

    1. Training on stuff I’d never even thought about – Setting up a site map? broken link checker? Using a light diffuser? – I’d never even heard of these things before going through the videos!
    2. Easy to follow video format – There are over 300 mini training videos – mostly starring Lindsay or Bjork, and occasionally another members of the FBP team. Each of the videos are in bite-size sections, so you can learn a snippet, implement, then move onto the next video. I love this format as it keeps me watching (rather than flicking over to Facebook), and stops me feeling overwhelmed.
    3. Getting to know other bloggers – There’s a real sense of community in the aptly named community section. The forum is split into different sections – such as ‘Intros and Promos’, ‘Generating Income’, ‘Food Photography’ etc. So you can chat to other members about subjects you have a particular interest or problem with.
    4. Private discussion forum – The forum is completely private – so that members can talk freely and openly without worrying who will see their comments!
    5. Podcast guests – Bjork has a podcast where he interviews lots of great guests (i.e Sally from Sally’s Baking addiction, Dianne Jacob – author of ‘Will Write for Food’) the podcasts are open for anyone – member or not. However, sometimes the guests also join the discussion forums – such as Casey Markee (SEO expert and owner of MediaWyse).
    6. Buzzfeed roundups and Pinterest & Yummly groups – Some of the forum members have created Facebook, Yummly and Pinterest groups where we can share and promote each others recipes. Some members also create Buzzfeed roundup posts and ask for members to submit a post that could be used in the round-up (always good, and especially so if the post goes viral!).
    7. Other bloggers income reports – Some bloggers (me included) regularly post Traffic & Income reports and let the forum know when the latest one is out. It’s great to see how other bloggers are doing, what their monetization streams are and see how they grow.
    8. Ask anything – The forum consists of people who are just getting started all the way to those that have been blogging for years. This means that questions that I’d been thinking of, but thought were just too simple to ask have usually been asked already (phew!), a simple search often leads to what you’re looking for. Examples might range from camera lens recommendations to which font to use!
    9. Happening Now – Bjork has a monthly video series covering the latest things he and Lindsay are working on for Pinch of Yum and Food Blogger Pro. It’s great to see the inside info on what these super-successful bloggers are focusing their time and energy on.
    10. Monthly live Q&A  – Bjork and Lindsay hold a monthly Q&A session with FBP members. You can submit questions before or during the session, and if you can’t make it, you can catch up and watch the videos later. Soooo useful!!
    11. Artificial lighting for food photography – Man, I hate photographing in artificial light, but I’m getting better – with some brilliant lighting tutorials from Lindsay.
    12. Lots of other food photography videos – Covering subjects such as composition, natural lighting and styling. Let’s have a look at one of my early attempts at photography for Beef Massaman Curry…..

and I thought that was good at the time!!

With a little bit of help from Lindsays training videos, this is a more recent pic of the same recipe: 

I think there’s been a bit of an improvement 😆

13. Discounts on cool tools – a page for discounts and extended trials on popular blogger tools – such as CoSchedule.

14. Creating and selling an ebooks – Lindsay’s created 3 or 4 ebooks – her most popular one being Tasty Food Photography (got it, love it). There’s a video section on how to create and sell ebooks (I definitely need to do this at some point!!).

15. Income streams – If you’ve ever seen the Pinch of Yum income reports, you’ll see that Lindsay and Bjork have a number of different income streams. There’s a whole video section dedicated to earning an income – going through sections such as advertising, affiliate marketing and sponsored content. Really useful if you’re looking to generate an income from your blog.

16. Video – It’s such a big thing right now, but it’s not easy!! Chris and I spent an afternoon earlier this year watching all of the training videos on essential equipment, planning, shooting and editing recipe videos.

17. Bootcamp – A relatively section with live sessions (that can be played back later) to walk you through blogger training subject – such as sponsored content.

That’s it guys. If you’ve managed to make it to the end of my list, I hope you’ve found it useful!

Food Blogger Pro Enrollment

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